Our Story

Who we are?

Sense of Direction was originally a youth engagement project held in Geraldton. Even though the project has ended for some time now, the spirit of Sense of Direction still remains strong; and is too good to be left alone on a shelf.

That is why we are building a clothing apparel to share the journey of people from all walks of life. We all travel in our own direction but let’s pull together our sense for the environment and do our bit to minimise landfill by walking this one together at Sense of Direction.


The mission statement: At Sense of Direction we aim to repurpose unwanted and forgotten clothing and put it back into the community; not landfill. We pride ourselves in being bold and that is why we are trying something new for our customers and community. Thanks for supporting us – the environment is thanking you

Let’s combine our collective sense for the environment and walk this journey together.